The unique skills, training and experiences of our employees give Keenan Construction unique and creative perspectives to each construction project. Whether you have a vacant lot or an existing building that requires tenant improvement, we can help you turn your abstract ideas into concrete expressions. If you don’t even know how to begin or feel overwhelmed by the construction process, we can provide consulting services to establish obtainable goals.

Commercial Construction

All types of building programs from building shells to custom buildings delivered in the traditional design – bid – build model. If you already have plans and are looking for a competent and innovative builder to execute those plans, Keenan Construction can help you do so.

Tenant Improvements

From everyday office space to highly specialized tenant requirements, Keenan Construction has experience and knowledge to help you fulfill tenant objectives in a competent method.


Keenan Construction works with owners, architects and engineers with a cooperative approach to ensure the construction process flows smoothly without confrontational disruption and costly delays.


If you need advice on how to develop a lot of vacant land from a tumbleweed farm into a prosperous building venture, then Keenan Construction can help you establish the path to success.