Bosque Brewing

Keenan Construction recently completed a 1,800 square foot tenant improvement for Bosque Brewing Company in Albuquerque. The program included a brewing area and a seating area for 50 patrons. We worked closely with the owner and architect to ensure the brewing area operated as envisioned and the seating area had a rustic and warm feeling to it.

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Conductor Research Technologies

CRT Industries hired Keenan Construction to design and build a 1,500 square foot tenant improvement to facilitate their expanding circuit board testing and research endeavors. The program required very intricate and unique mechanical systems to maintain a constant temperature so that the testing process would not be disrupted.

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Home Infusion Technologies

HITs desired to expand their pharmacy operations and hired Keenan Construction to construct a prefabricated clean room in an existing warehouse space and an office space for more administrative staff. Even though the schedule was tight and coordinating the specialized and technical nature of the clean room the project was accomplished on time and in budget.

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Turning Point Strength and Conditioning

The owner wanted to create a streamline and modern atmosphere for individuals to train in a semi-private setting. Keenan Construction worked from design through final construction with the owner to convert an old dingy warehouse space into a vibrant exercise space.

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New Mexico Jiu Jitsu Academy

NMJJA relocated into an existing office warehouse space and worked with Keenan Construction to transform it into a martial arts school. Keenan Construction’s experience, expertise and creative ideas melded well with the owner’s focused vision on how he wanted his school created.

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Retail Center at 8900 San Mateo

Keenan Construction also has experience in land development and infrastructure. Cunado retail center started as uniting two separate lots to create a 21,700 square feet retail center. One of the major challenges was coordinating with city officials, engineers, architects and owners to develop the required infrastructure and obtain the required city approvals to be able to build the project.

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Office Warehouse Complex at 6701, 6711 and 6721 Edith

Another project requiring land development and infrastructure expertise was Sitio Building Park. The project is composed of three separate buildings each approximately 20,000 square feet all on one site. The owners and Keenan Construction worked to develop a functioning and attractive office warehouse complex from a dirt lot.

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Office Warehouse Complex at 4135 Jackie Road

During the construction of an office warehouse shell in Rio Rancho, Keenan Construction was hired to construct a highly technical tenant space concurrent with the shell construction. The tenant developed radiation shielding and detection equipment that required a condition use hearing by the zoning board. Keenan Construction made a presentation before the city zoning board and obtained approval.

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Coram Infusion Services

7400 Washington

Although construction of a 6,700 square foot shell office building was nearly complete, a medical company leased the building. The tenant’s design requirements were unique, highly technical and required additional approvals from the state health department but the project was concluded satisfactorily for all parties involved.

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